The Reviewers Book Rating System

The Reviewers us a 10 star rating system rather than the usual 5 but if if you are used to a 5 star rating compare below to see how to rate books and why we use this system

5 Star System 10 Star System
Would have scored 1: Poor Score 1 or 2: Very poor or poor
Would have scored 2: OK Score 3 or 4: Mediocre or OK
Would have scored 3: Good Score 5 or 6: Good or better than good
Would have scored 4: Very Good Score 7 or 8: Very or Extremely Good
Would have scored 5: Excellent Score 9: Excellent (Save 10 for THE book)

The main reason for using a 10 star system is we feel that far too many 5 star ratings are given in book reviews and once people have given a 5 star rating where do they go from there when they read what they consider to be the greatest book they have ever read?

Note: we also allow half star ratings so if you read that truly excellent book but it’s not the greatest book you have ever read you can always give it a 9.5 rating.

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