All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford

Received from NetGalley on 04/07/2021 finished on 06/07/2021

My review of All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford

A great book from the start to finish with some of the little endings to certain chapters or sections being real OMG moments.

The book has flashbacks from different periods in James life from when he was 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 where he infatuated with Rosie the 2 year older sister of his best friend Matthew to 17 when they start dating and then present day where they are married.

James has always loved Rosie and will do just about anything to protect her even during her Red days!

All Our Darkest Secrets is a fast paced book which is hard to put down – $333,333

Will be on the look out for more of books by Martyn Ford

8 Star Rating
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Reviewed by Terry Simmonds

Publishers Description of All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford

James Casper is one of the good guys. A DEA agent. A loyal husband. With his sights set on the man at the top of the city’s opioid crisis, James is about to make the biggest bust of his career.

Then his beloved wife Rosie does something terrible, and James must choose: report it—or help her. He knows how this works, and he tells himself he’s smart enough to get away with murder. But James’s worst enemy knows what they have done—and he won’t hesitate to use it to manipulate him.

James is dragged into a dark and dangerous world. As events spiral and loyalties are tested, he realizes there’s only one way out. And that is to be even more ruthless than the people he’s working for.

Whatever happens, no matter how far he falls, at least he’ll still have Rosie.

Won’t he?

Be Aware of Spoilers in Comments Below

Don’t understand the ending of All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford

A couple of people have commented on the ending of All Our Darkest Secrets in the comments below, scroll down to read my interpretation – CONTAINS SPOILERS

All our darkest secrets ending explained ~ All our darkest secrets ending ~ Ending of All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford

All Our Darkest Secrets
by Martyn Ford
Amazon Publishing UK
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 1 Sep 2021

All Our Darkest Secrets by Martyn Ford

ISBN 9781542027557

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  1. Im sorry I’m just not sure what happened in the end? Was he dead? Did Rosie kill him? I loved the book until the last three pages which ruined it for me. Please explain the ending so I can go back to loving it

  2. I don’t get the ending either! Did she pay the carpenter to kill James? Is he dead? Why are they lying on the floor? Did Rosie change her mind and kill the Carpenter? So frustrating!

  3. James left all the bags of Money with Rosie.

    When he got them back and counted out the money he discovered $333,333 was missing, the amount the Carpenter charged for one hit.

    Rosie was a true psychopath but James thought she was different with him, the other things he found in the bag were her effectively dumping all the possessions they shared together.

    She didn’t care about him enough and as much as he thought, she paid the Carpenter to kill him and was moving on, much like when he fell out the tree and broke his legs she just carried on listening to the music and dancing.

    I thought it was a great ending.

  4. So, yes. I believe that she hired the carpenter to kill him. And in his realization of what is about to happen to him, he starts thinking about all of the ways that she has screwed him over. She’s not really there in that actual moment with him. It’s just him and the carpenter. And the carpenter shoots him, and he’s just in a shocked state lying on the floor and he can imagine her asking him “is it working “? Remember earlier in the book where he explained how she liked to lay down on the floor in different places because it gave you a different perspective on things. In his head she is asking him that. She was flat out a psychopath. And she killed him.

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